Halloween Happenings

October 24, 2020

Chilled Flavors Pumpkin Contest

Do you LOVE Halloween? Have you ever wanted to compete in a Pumpkin Decorating contest? Now's your chance...

Chilled Flavors will be hosting 4 pumpkin decorating/carving contests to celebrate Halloween! We'll have three age brackets for kids (3-5 year olds, 6-9 year olds, 10-13 year olds) and one for adults (14 years old & above).

When:  October 24, 2020

Time:   Kiddie Comp ~ 10 am

           Adult Comp  ~ 11 am drop off

Where: Chilled Flavors

Who:    3-5 yr olds (painting contest)

           6-9 yr olds (painting contest)

           10-13 yr olds (painting contest)

           14 yrs & above (carving contest)

Voting:  10/24/2020 - 10/30/2020

Winner: Announced via social media 10/31/2020 (12pm)

Cost:     $20

Kiddie Competition (3 thru 13 years old)

Participants for these three contests will be painting their pumpkins at our shop! Chilled Flavors will provide a pumpkin for each participant, various colors of acrylic paints (so don't wear your best clothes), paint brushes & sharpie markers. If you have other items you'd like to use for decorating the pumpkin, feel free to bring them.  The decorating tables will be set up in the outside eating area to ensure the appropriate social distancing. Participants will have one hour to create their masterpiece. These pumpkins will be displayed at the store. The public will vote for their favorites. Winners will be determined by popular vote.

After voting concludes (10/30/2020), you may take your pumpkin home.


Adult Competition (14 yrs & above)

Participants in this contest will need to provide their own pumpkins -and- CARVE them at home. We're going to use the honor system so please, don't get help from any expert carvers you may know. Each participant will bring to Chilled Flavors their COMPLETED carved pumpkin at 11 am. There is NO LIMIT to the size, shape or color of the pumpkin you choose however you will need to transport to and from the shop, so please keep that in mind. We'll provide one battery powered votive "candle" for night time viewing. The pumpkin will be displayed at Chilled Flavors indoors. Please carve your pumpkin as close to October 24th so that it doesn't prematurely rot during the week long voting process. The public will vote for their favorites. Winners will be determined by popular vote.  

After voting concludes (10/30/2020), you may take your pumpkin home. If not claimed by 10/31, it will be disposed of. If your pumpkin is over 40 lbs (approximately), you will need dispose of the pumpkin by November 1st.


All contestants will receive a t-shirt and 1 ice cream voucher that may be redeemed at any point.

First Prize winners will receive... 
     ~ Name & Picture on our Wall of Fame 
     ~ Free ice cream for 3 months (good for one small cup & 1 topping per week)

     ~ Bragging rights