Custom Cakes

A few words about our cakes...

The prices listed below are the starting points for a standard cake. If items or additional colors are added, then the prices are adjusted.


Below is what is included for a standard cake:

 - 2 flavors of ice cream

 - 1 middle layer (ex: chocolate crunchies)

 - White or Pastel icing

 - 1 Color of pastel or white icing

 - Sprinkles of your choosing

 - Cake message


Why does it take 3-5 days to make a cake? 

Our cakes are made fresh when ordered and we extract your cake right from our ice cream maker at the same time as ice cream is made for the shop. We produce ice cream Monday through Friday, so if you submit an order on a Friday morning, we may have already completed ice cream production for that week. This means your cake won't be created until Monday and it has to freeze overnight. And finally on Tuesday morning, it will be decorated to your specs and that right there is 5 days.  

Why are *pastel* colors included in the price and not vibrant colors?
We use natural or organic coloring in a
lmost all of our ice cream flavors. We use those same colors for our icing & piping therefor we can only achieve a pastel color and since we already have the coloring, there isn't an additional cost. We can buy artificial coloring to attain the vibrant colors that some people would like, however it's an additional cost for that option. Please plan for that if you select vibrant colors and be mindful that those are FD&C colors.

Ordering & Payment Options

You can stop in the store to place an order & pre-pay in person -or- you can order online & pay online.

If you place an order online, a SQUARE invoice will be sent to your email within a day or two after you submit your order. Please make sure to check ALL of your email folders for this Square invoice.  

Custom Cake Order Form

If you're ready to order, please fill in the necessary fields and we'll get your cake started on the next available business day (that's when we make our fresh ice cream)

Let's Build Your Cake...

Cake Size
Select Middle Layer

Now Let's Decorate It...

Icing Color
Piping Color (ONE Light color included). Addt'l light colors, add $1.00)
Vibrant Colors (FD&C coloring, Add $2.00)

Final Touches...

Sprinkle Selection (These will be added around the edge of the cake where the piping is. If you don't want these, leave the field unmarked.)
Cake Message Color (ONE Light color included)
Vibrant Colors (FD&C coloring, Add $2.00)

Almost Done...