Cakes & Pies




Our pies are packed with nearly 2 lbs of our handmade ice cream. There is only one layer of ice cream in a pie shell. Each handmade pie shell is made with either a graham cracker crust or our very own chocolate crunch crust (featured in Amy's Favorite ice cream). For the pie tops, we decorate them with complimentary sauces, whipped topping, sprinkles and/or candies.

Yup, it's true!

We can make custom ice cream cakes and pies for whatever occasion you have. Our cakes & pies are created with our freshly made ice cream therefor we need 3-5 business days to fulfil your request.

If you like to order one of our THANKSGIVING or CHRISTMAS pies, click the link below:

Ordering & Payment Options

You can stop in the store to place an order & pre-pay in person -or- you can order online & pay online.

If you place an order online, a SQUARE invoice will be sent to your email within a day or two after you submit your order. Please make sure to check ALL of your email folders for this Square invoice.  

Our cakes have 2 flavors of ice cream separated by a chocolate crunchie layer (substitutions can be made) and are covered with a whipped cream topping.

Sidenote: there isn't any cake in our cakes, just ice cream! 

Sprinkles are added to the outside piped area and a custom 3D printed cake topper is included. 

We can do cakes for any occasion!