We make all of our ice cream in our store's kitchen.


Well....we make *almost* all of our ice cream. We offer Superman ice cream however we purchase that from a supplier. It's such a popular flavor with children but it's impossible to make with our flavoring and coloring standards so we order it premade. That's the only ice cream we purchase, everything else is handmade in our shop!!! 

Our ice cream is produced using organic and natural flavoring & coloring. In most cases, we use the actual item for the flavor. For instance, our Strawberry ice cream is made with strawberries. Pounds and pounds of strawberries. We don't put in extra sugar. We don't put in any syrups to enhance the flavors. We do add color, but that coloring is red beet extract, not the FD&C coloring. Speaking of FD&C coloring, the only frozen products that contain those colors are the Italian ices. Yes, we make italian ices too! 

Our list of ice cream flavors is constantly changing. We do have many flavors that you will *always* see in the case (think Vanilla, Chocolate, Salted Caramel, Amy's Favorite). We have an extensive list of flavors that rotates given the season, we call these flavors Seasonal (think Candy Cane, KrackerJack, Pumpkin Pie, The Dude). If you choose to look below at our flavors, please keep in mind that our flavors change and the list is most likely not current. Visiting the store is the best way to see our flavors.