They're back and it's time to pre-order your favorite pies. Our pies are packed with nearly 2 lbs of our handmade ice cream. Each handmade pie shell is made with either a graham cracker crust or our very own chocolate crunch crust (featured in Amy's Favorite ice cream). To compliment these massive 10" pies are sauces, whipped topping, and candies that decorate the top. We also offer a gluten free graham crust for those with allergies**.

Payment:  An invoice will be sent within a couple of days after you submit your order. We use Square as an online payment option. If you'd rather pay at the shop, please note that in the comments section below.



Here are the pies we're offering for Thanksgiving & Christmas.  


I Love Amy ~ $20.00

This pie has our signature chocolate crunchie crust and is filled with Amy's Favorite ice cream (vanilla ice cream with a peanut butter swirl & chocolate crunchies). Along the edge are dollops of vanilla icing covered by chocolate crunchies with the top drizzled with Reese's peanut butter sauce and hot fudge. (see photo to the left)

Mint Chip ~ $20.00


This pie also has our signature chocolate crunchie crust, is filled with our freshly made Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream, is topped with hot fudge and generous dollops of vanilla icing. (see the 2nd photo on the left)

Pumpkin Pie ~ $20.00

Instead of bringing your traditional pumpkin pie, bring this to your next gathering. This pie is made with a buttery graham cracker crust and filled with our Pumpkin Cheesecake ice cream. It is drizzled with a pumpkin pie sauce with the edges dressed with dollops of icing dusted with a touch of cinnamon.

Apple Pie ~ $20.00

One of our newest flavors of ice cream, Apple Pie, fills this delicious dessert. Over 20 fresh Granny Smith & Gala apples with cinnamon & brown sugar are simmered for hours, cooled then swirled in to our amazing vanilla ice cream. This pie has a graham cracker crust and is topped caramel sauce & generous dollops of whipped topping. 

Chocolate Peanut Butter ~ $20.00

This pie has our signature chocolate crunch crust and filled with our chocolate peanut butter ice cream that has peanut butter AND Reese's peanut butter cups swirled into it. The ring around the outside is crushed Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and it's topped with a peanut butter & hot fudge drizzle.

**Allergy Note: We hand make the crusts with wheat & dairy products. We can easily purchase gluten free graham crackers but not the chocolate variety so we can only do 2 pies (listed below). Also, we've been asked to do dairy free pies. If you need a dairy free pie, please email us directly at to discuss options since we have two different dairy free ice cream bases. 

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